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Obesity Consortium of Minnesota
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Obesity Consortium of
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Phone:  612-625 6200
Seminars & Symposia

Fall 2013/Spring 2014
364 WBOB
Obesity Research Group: A UMN Obesity Prevention Center (OPC) and Minnesota Obesity Prevention Training (MnOPT) forum for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and doctoral students to gain exposure in current obesity research taking place at the UMN through discussion and informal presentations. This group meets on the 3rd or 4th Tuesday of each month from 2:00–3:00 p.m. in 364 WBOB unless otherwise indicated:
Sep 24: 
 Americans’ Opinions about Policies to Regulate the Sale and Marketing
        of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

        Discussion Leader: Sarah Gollust, Assistant Professor (Public Health Admin
        & Policy)
*Oct 15:  Lifestyle Interventions for Type II Diabetes: Results of the Look AHEAD
        and Diabetes Surgery Trials

        Discussion Leader: Robert Jeffery, Professor (EpiCH)
*Nov 19:  The roles of interpersonal communication in health campaigns.
        Discussion Leader: Marco Yzer, Assoc Professor (Journalism/Mass Comm)
*Dec 17:  School nurse-directed secondary obesity prevention for elementary
        school children: Concept and design.

        Discussion Leader: Marti Kubik , Assoc Professor (Nursing)
Jan 28: The Effect of Exercise on Preventing Postpartum Depression
        Discussion Leader: Beth Lewis, Assoc Professor (Kinesiology)
Feb 25:  Process Evaluation in Pediatric Obesity Prevention Interventions
        Discussion Leader: Meghan Senso, RA (EpiCH)
Mar 25:  Experimental trial to evaluate two approaches to reshaping the
        Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to improve diet quality.

        Discussion Leader: Lisa Harnack, Professor (EpiCH)
Apr 22:  Effects of self-weighing and visual feedback on weight control in adults.
        Discussion Leader: Carly Pacanowski, MnOPT Postdoctoral Fellow
May 27:  Identifying and quantifying population subgroups using conditional
        regression trees.

        Discussion Leader: Julian Wolfson, Assistant Professor (Biostatistics)
* NOTE: 3rd Tuesday of the month.
Apr 17, 2014,
3-4PM (EDT),
Community-Based System Dynamics for Understanding Social Determinants of Chioldhood Obesity: Speaker Peter Hovmand, PhD, MSW, Founding Director & Associate Professor of Practice, Washington University–St. Louis. Sponsored by the Global Center on Childhood Obesity at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. This event is open to all faculty, students, staff, and community guests and will be broadcast live online at
Apr 22, 2014,
HHH Cowles Aud.
UMN Obesity Prevention Center Symposium 2014: "Federal Food Programs and the Obesity Epidemic: Time for a Change?" Speakers: Parke Wilde, Lisa Harnack, Ellie Lucas. Moderaters: Simone French, Nancy Sherwood.
Details and registration (free).
Apr 22, 2014,
FScN 23
FSN Graduate Seminar Series: "Getting to the Roots of the Problem: Baseline Traits as Predictors of Weight Loss Success." Lisa Bayer, MS Nutrition Student. If you are unable to attend the seminar in person, please consider viewing the presentation live via UMConnect @
Apr 23, 2014, 9–11:30AM,
FSN Special Seminar: "First Overhaul of Nutrition Labeling in 20 Years: FDA Requests Comment on More than 40 Specific Issues." Speaker: Annette Dickinson, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Food Science & Nutrition.
May 6, 2014,
4:30-7:00PM, UMN Humphrey School of Publiv Affairs
Science, Democrary, and a Healthy Food Policy, a Lewis M. Branscomb Forum: A Union of Concerned Scientists’ public forum with the UMN sponsored by the Center for Science and Democracy: Registration (free) and more information can be found here.

May 9, 2014,
12:15-1:30PM, WBOB or 5:15-6:30PM, MPC Seminar Room, Willey Hall

Spring 2014—Inequality & Methods Workshop Series: "Did the Mortality Risk of Being Overweight Change in the Twentieth Century: New Evidence from Two Cohorts of New Zealand Men." Speaker: Evan Roberts (History)
May 16, 2014,
2014 Women's, Children's and Family's Health and Nutrition Conference: Preventing Childhood Obesity Through Family Engagement and Policy: This is a continuing education program focusing on women's, children's, and family's health and nutrition with an emphasis on preventing childhood obesity through family engagement and policy. Details and registration.
Sponsors: Maternal & Child Health Bureau of Health Resources & Services Admin (US Dept of Health & Human Services); Leadership Education & Training Program in Maternal & Child Health Nutrition (LET); Obesity Prevention Center (OPC), University of Minnesota.

Additionally—The seminars of these departments/centers often focus on obesity-related issues:
       •   Epidemiology & Community Health
weekly seminar schedule.
       •   Minnesota Obesity Center (MNOC)
seminar series.
       •   Food Science & Nutrition
weekly Graduate Seminar schedule.
       •   Cancer Prevention & Control
monthly seminars.
       •   Division of Endocrinology
weekly City-Wide Conferences (offered Thursdays, Oct—May).

Past Seminars and Symposia
  Date     Title/Speaker
Apr 2, 2014,
364 WBOB
IRB Training Seminar: "Data protection, serious adverse event and mandated reporting by research staff in home and community settings." This seminar meets the Level 2 IRB training requirements and has been approved for credit. Sponsored by the OPC and NET-Works.
Mar 19, 2014,
364 WBOB
Preventing Obesity and Improving Diet through Public Policy: Christina Roberto, PhD, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society Scholar & Assistant Professor of Social & Behavioral Sciences & Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health. (HFHL Connect)
Feb 6, 2014,
8:30–9:45AM, Paula Clayton Conf Rm,
Fairview West Bldg
Eating Disorders Journal Club: Diann Ackard will be presenting and discussing Dr. Peter Attia’s TED talk on obesity treatment.

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